2018 BIZ matching Online Request Appointments Announcement
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□ Request Appointments Schedule

DatesContent Note
September 1st ~ 9thRequest Appointments 
September 10th ~ 18thManager reorganizes the meeting schedule Required meetings
September 19thTentative Schedule  
September 19th ~ 22ndScheduling Inquiry Via Help Center
September 28thFinal Schedule  

※The schedule above may vary depending on certain circumstances.

□ How to Request

To learn how to request appointments, download the Online Matching Service Guide on BIZ Matching-Participants List/Request Appointments page or check the attached file.

□ Notes

1. Only one user ID per a company or a project can be used for Online BIZ Matching service including requesting appointments.
2. Select the time slot unavailable to have appointments such as luncheon time on Time Slot Setting page.

On the selected unavailable time slots, other participants cannot request meetings to you, neither can you. When the manager involves the meeting schedule on the second week of September, the manager will rematch or rearrange the schedule according to each participants Time Slot Setting status.

3. Due to the limited number of meeting tables at BIZ Matching Lounge, online meeting applications are closed on a first come first served basis. Each meeting can be requested up to an hour time slot. Only one meeting with the same company/project is allowed. After accepting the meeting, it cannot be reverted or cancelled. Please accept it carefully.