CINEMA ROBOTICS Launching Promotion by Busan Cinema Studios-Digital Bay (BFC) Standing Reception

Date Sat, 5 October, 12:30-13:30
Venue E21, AFCNet Square Lounge, Hall 4E, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO
* Entrance only allowed to invitation holders
CINEMA ROBOTICS deploys a system of next-generation video control used in filming computer graphics. It helps reduce errors in the synthesis of CG and it shortens the production period, making it highly utilized in films, animation, game, and broadcasting.

Film the World in Jordan Reception by Royal Film Commission Jordan Tea Reception

Date Sun, 6 October, 12:30-13:30
Venue E21, AFCNet Square Lounge, Hall 4E, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan will host a reception to showcase the diverse locations available in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Additionally, RFC’s Managing Director, Mohannad Bakri will speak and conduct a presentation that will provide insight on how international filmmakers can benefit from the country’s newly revised film incentive program, the production service resources available, and what Jordan is doing to develop its local production workforce. Refreshments will be provided and an opportunity to network with representatives from Jordan.

Introduction of BFC-SGK Cooperative Business

Date Sun, 6 October, 16:30-16:40
Venue Seminar Room, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO
Busan Film Commission (BFC) will push ahead cooperative business with Screenwriters Guild of Korea (SGK) according to SGK’s relocating to Busan. BFC selects the scenario among SGK and supports from planning to development. Also, the copyright of the project will belong to BFC so that BFC can match the local production companies and the scenarios. This event will introduce SGK’s relocating to Busan and related business with BFC planned for the future.

2019 Busan Film Commission and Taipei Film Commission MOU Signing Ceremony
by Taipei Culture Foundation-Taipei Film Commission Standing Reception
부산영상위원회-타이베이필름커미션 양해각서 체결식

Date Sun, 6 October, 17:30-18:30
Venue E21, AFCNet Square Lounge, Hall 4E, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO
The Busan Film Commission and the Taipei Film Commission will sign an MOU, with the aim of the cooperation between the two cities on film as a whole, including filming, education and human resource exchanges.

AFCNet General Assembly
AFCNet 정기총회

Date Mon, 7 October, 10:00 ~ 12:00
Venue Conference Room 2F, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO
AFCNet members discuss and approve the management and business policies of AFCNet to reflect Asia and the latest trend of its film industry. Furthermore, AFCNet members share about each countries production environment for filmmakers and discuss the way that the Asian film industry can keep growing.

AFCNet Networking Hour Standing Reception

Date Mon, 7 October, 12:30 ~ 13:30
Venue E21, AFCNet Square Lounge, Hall 4E, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO
AFCNet hosts ‘AFCNet Networking Hour’ every October during Busan International Film Festival period, to make connections and strengthen network between Film Commissions and Filmmakers around the world. Also, 2019 AFCNet Producer of the Year Award will be held during AFCNet Networking Hour, which is an award from AFCNet for a producer who has contributed to the Asian Film Industry every year.

AFiS & NAPNet Night with FLY Film Lab Farewell Party

Date Tue, 8 October, 21:00-24:00
Venue 3F, COTTON CLUB, Haeundae
New Asian Producers Network (NAPNet) was launched in 2017 to initiate an association of Asian film producers, mainly consisting of the alumni of the International Film Business Academy of Busan Asian Film School (AFiS). NAPNet has 41 members from 21 countries who try to accelerate the growth of the Asian film industry and suggest new alternative ideas coinciding with the international trend. We would like to celebrate newly joining 18 producers as well as a farewell to the 1st FLY Film Lab. Please come and enjoy at COTTON CLUB, Haeundae.